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"I have been seeking Vanessa's breath of experience in massage, yoga, nutrition, and life support for years and have had only positive results.  She has an amazing way of combining her rich skills, and understandings of humanity; addressing the whole self, providing you with the teachings needed, leaving you with not only the tools to use on your own but also an increased self awareness." ---Julie L (Art Therapist/Graphic Artist)


"I really enjoy yoga classes with Vanessa.  She teaches a great class with good description, direction, and correction.  she is light hearted and keeps us smiling. (With her massage techniques)...she is able to read my body and know exactly what it needs and is able to provide it. It is always very calming and relaxing and I easily drift into a meditative state.  I feel fabulous afterwards!---Sandra L


"I schedule a monthly massage with Vanessa to alleviate stress and tension in my neck and shoulders due to hours of daily computer time.  Sessions with her are always therapeutic.  She also gives me suggestions on different things (stretches) to try between sessions.  Vanessa truly cares about the person physically and mentally."---Sherry (Customer Service/Sales Support)


"Vanessa has an excellent understanding of the human body, drawing from both ancient and modern studies which she is able to translate effectively into her massage techniques-I have complete confidence in her abilities. She is equally as awesome at full body massage as she is at pinpointing particular problem areas.  As a bonus, she is friendly, generous, eager to share things she enjoys, and just a little bit quirky....in a good way (: "----Jamie F (medical technologist)

“I enjoy her classes, I didn’t know what to expect, but I could connect with the way you approach addiction and how to deal with it. I did not want to go to battle with my addiction but let it go from my life..thank you! “ Richard
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